Yonex Atlantic Series Events 2019/20

Yonex Atlantic Series is back for another season. Look out badminton players competing in the 2019/20 season! This season will consist of five Atlantic Series events as well as the 2020 Yonex Atlantic Championships! All our Atlanic Series will feature U15,U19 and Adult categoriesin the A,B,C,D waterfall format. A special note for The East Coast Open Atlantic Series as it will again be split into two registration links. One will be a Junior U19 & U15 East Coast Open and the other link will be for the adult category and it will be a National Sanctioned Yonex Elite Series.

New Age Categories rules for BNNB

2019/2020 Season (Sept.-May) Age Category Rules

All Atlantic Canada has now aligned with the National Age category rules for events. Therefore Players must now remain under the age of their bracket for the entire calendar year in the second half of the current season. Simply put are this years categories birth years. U19 is 2002 & 2003, U17 is 2004 & 2005, U15 is 2006 & 2007, U13 is 2008 & 2009 and U11 is 2010 & 2011.