Yonex Atlantic Series Events 2018/19
Yonex Atlantic Series is back for another season. Look out badminton players competing in the 2018/19 season! This season will consist of four Atlantic Series events, and the East Coast Open Atlantic Series will now have its adult portion an Atlantic Elite Series National  combo with an ABCD format to guarantee three matches for our adults. Also this season will feature a National Junior Elite series, a junior/senior provincial championships, an Atlantic junior/senior combo Championships!

New Age Categories rules for BNNB
2018/2019 Season (Sept.-May) Age Category Rules All players must remain younger then the age category they register to play in for the entire event. Yes its that simple... There is no more specific date that favors anyone. Every event has its own date and when you play in that event you must be under the age of the category your in for the entire tournament length. Make sure you know your doubles partner's birthday if your playing doubles in the Junior events because when they move up an age bracket during the season you must move up with them in doubles if you choose to stay partners.

Bursary Fund

BNNB encourages post-secondary school studies and has decided to support a badminton player.  See  http://www.bnnb.ca/Documents/Fonds_de_bourse.DOC or

for the details.